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November 2020: Free Market Road Show “Disruptive Innovation”(postponed to 2021)

Brussels is one of this year’s Free Market Road Show (FMRS) hubs hosting a conference on Disruptive Innovation. The event, in cooperation with the Austrian Economics Centre and the European Liberty Forum, will take place at the European Parliament on November 17, 2020. Disruptive Innovation, one of FMRS’s main themes in 2020, relates to the technology-driven growth similar…
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January 20, 2020: Artificial Intelligence, Future Economics and Emerging Technologies Conference

Guest speakers: Annette Godart-van der Kroon, President of LVMI-Europe Professor Maria Carvalho, MEP for EPP-ED Group (also host of this event) Max Rangeley, Editor and Manager of the Cobden Centre Julio Alejandro, VC in Disruptive Tech, University Lecturer Moderator: Dimitar Lilkov, Research Officer at Martens Centre The world is in the process of being transformed…
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November 2019 – The superior returns from monetary pessimism 2002-2020

The powerful climb of the S&P 500 since the business cycle trough of 2009 and the last growth cycle trough of 2015/16, together with absence of recession, has made many investors resistant to pessimism. Yet monetary pessimism, correctly formulated, has in fact been the basis of far superior returns measured over standardized time periods (similar stages…
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November 18, 2019 – Conference, The European Banking Union and the Future Financial Situation in Europe

Speakers: Heiko de Boer (PICTET and former director of AXA), Alasdair Macleod (Finance and Economics), Max Rangeley (Editor and Manager, The Cobden Centre) and Annette Godart-van der Kroon (President of LVMI – Europe) Date: 18th November 2019 Time: 2:00 – 5:00 pm Venue: Holland House, Rue d’Arlon 20, 1050, Brussels, 1st floor The reason why this topic…
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October 2019 – Euro crash, gold revaluation and tech hangover, whatever Election Day outcome.

This month’s Global Monetary Viewpoint is on the subject of growing monetary risks ahead of US Election Day and the implications for investment strategy. The probable last stampede, witnessed during the past week, of capital driven by the viral narratives about US-China “trade war” now clears the way for a fresh focus on fundamentals –…
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Launch of the ALUMNI PROGRAMME on 14th October 2019

With this event, the Alumni Programme has been inaugurated. During this event, the Alumni have gathered for the first-but not for the last -time in order to renew the bond with each other and with LVMI Europe. LVMI – Europe’s alumni include all the enthusiastic, committed and hardworking interns and trainees, who have contributed to…
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Hayek oder Keynes? WIRTSCHAFTSBÜCHER, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (15 July 2019)

Wirtschaft WIRTSCHAFTSBÜCHER ; Hayek oder Keynes? ; Beiträge in der Tradition der Österreichischen Schule 599 words 15 July 2019 Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung FAZALG 16 161 German Copyright 2019 Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbH. Provided by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Archiv Folgt man der internationalen Tagespolitik, gewinnt man den Eindruck, dass eine primitive Form des Keynesianismus die wirtschaftspolitische…
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“Cross Border Business in Times of Digitalisation” – conference video

Did you miss out on the Cross Border Business in Times of Digitalisation conference on the 10th of April? Do not worry, you can still find out what was discussed. Thank you to the speakers, Stéphane Ouaki, Valérie Guimard, Daniel Kaddik, the moderator, Philip Stafford, and, of course Stefan Moritz and European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME for…
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General Assembly, June 5th

The Ludwig von Mises Institute will host a General Assembly on Wednesday, the 5th of June. The event will take place at the Holland House, Rue d’Arlon 32, 1000 Brussels. Please note that only members of the Institute can participate.

Check Out Our Projects Section!

LVMI-Europe is proud to announce the creation of a section on our website which hosts all our projects.   You will find information on both our Alumni Network and our Intern-Exchange Programme. This is a great opportunity for both our past interns and external companies to collaborate and benefit from each other. Do not hesitate…
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We are very pleased to announce that Filip Smeets has taken the role of Director Financial Planning of the Institute. We wish him a warm welcome to the Ludwing von Mises Institute – Europe team!