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Intern-Exchange Program

The Ludwig von Mises Institute-Europe

Honorary Member: HSH Prince Philipp von und zu Liechtenstein

High Patrons:

~ F. Bolkestein, former Commissioner, The Netherlands

~ Herman de Croo, Minister of State and Honorary Speaker of the House of Representatives, Belgium

~ Syed Kamall, Lord Kamall of Edmonton, House of Lords, UK

~ Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, and Ambassador of the German Republic to the Russian Federation

Intern-Exchange Program

Who are we?

The Ludwig von Mises Institute-Europe was established on 12th October 2002, and it bears the name of Ludwig von Mises, one of the most prominent libertarian economists of the 20th century and one of the main representatives of the Austrian School of Economics.

The Ludwig von Mises Institute-Europe primarily aims at the following:

~ Exchanging and promoting a free and open economy

~ Bridging the gap between Brussels and European citizens and the gap between Eurocrats and Eurosceptics

~ Acting as an interface between top academics, senior business leaders, respected media commentators, and leading politicians across the European Union and Brussels

~ Teaching young professionals and students from all over the world to learn about the workings of the European Union’s Institutions

What do we do?

Since its foundation in 2002, the Ludwig von Mises Institute-Europe has successfully organized a variety of conferences, symposia, discussions, targeted dinner debates, and lunch debates, discussing topics like the following: knowledge and innovation, transatlantic relations, tax competition, better regulation, IT regulation, entrepreneurship, and banking and financial policy. The Institute has supported several publications, and in the past, it hosted a research group, which it plans to do again in the future.

The Ludwig von Mises Institute-Europe is a non-partisan think-tank fostering an open and free society. We are dedicated to bridging the gap between believers in the free market across artificial boundaries that often divide academic, business, and political circles.

Members include former Prime Ministers, MEPs, former commissioners, key politicians, senior academics, business leaders, and prominent journalists.

The Ludwig Von Mises Institute-Europe has the sole objective to create prosperity for every individual while also initiating new and unique ways of analysis and debate in order to ensure Europe’s future prosperity and security in the global village.

What is new?

The Ludwig Von Mises Institute-Europe wishes to approach companies and SMEs to offer them the opportunity to place a number of their young employees as interns at Insitute. This would be an exchange program for the period of a couple of months (or a different period of time, to be negotiated).

Young employees, Potentielle Nachwuchskräfte, and Young Talents

…this would be an exchange-program as part of a sponsorship with the option to become a corporate member and participate in the Ludwig Von Mises Institute-Europe network across Europe. You will have the opportunity to do the following:

~ Gain valuable experience in the environment of the European Union through organizing and participating in the Insitute’s events

~ Increase the attractiveness of internship positions and add value to your potential future employees/employers

~ Get exclusive access to events organized by other think- tanks, NGOs, and both national and supranational institutions while familiarizing yourselves with the Austrian School of Economics

~ Gain higher recruitment value and the Ludwig Von Mises Institute-Europe’s corporate network

~ Increase your attractiveness to companies and create valuable synergies

Based on this cooperation between the Ludwig Von Mises Institute-Europe and your organization, you can also achieve the following:

~ Develop long-term, sustainable cooperation programs that meet the strategical, operational, and financial targets of your company

~ Enhance the attractiveness of talent management programs

~ Lay the foundation for an improved pan-European understanding and thinking within the German and European SME’s

~ Get close to, and more involved in, the activities and potentials of the European Governance Package

~ Join individual mentoring programs organized by the Ludwig Von Mises Institute-Europe

~ Receive accommodation organized by the Ludwig Von Mises Institute-Europe

~ Get direct access to numerous conferences, debates, and training programs that are organized by the Ludwig Von Mises Institute-Europe

~ Have full integration in current Insitute activities and programs

– Receive introductions to individual stakeholders in the European Parliament

Costs and benefits: 1.000 € net per month per participant and months (min. 1, max. 3 months) Free Annual Corporate membership per participation of a young talent)

Internship Period:

The internship period is a minimum of one to three months.

Intern responsibilities for candidates include the following:

~ Assist and network while organizing conferences and dinner debates to be held by the Ludwig Von Mises Institute-Europe

~ Participate in other important think-tanks’ conferences in Brussels

~ Establish links with civil society, media, businesses, politicians, the European Union institutions, including the European Parliament, that will enable the Ludwig Von Mises Institute-Europe to influence future policy initiatives

~ Communicate with the Insitute’s patrons, sponsors, and the Board of Directors

~ Act as a liaison between the European Union’s institutions, especially the Parliament

Selection Criteria for Candidates:

~ Have a degree or comparable education in an industrial/business environment

~Be proactive and interested in communicating with a wide range of people

· Having good analysing, marketing and networking skills

~ Have a good knowledge of English. Second languages like German or French in particular are an advantage.

~ Willing to gain experience of working in an office environment

~ Be an organized and independent individual

The Ludwig Von Mises Institute-Europe has a longstanding international experience with such programs through our cooperations with well-known universities like the following:

~ Vesalius College, Brussels

~ The Free University of Brussels

~ University of Tampere, Finland

~ American university in Brussels

~ The universities of Liège and Ghent, Belgium

~ The universities of Bologna, Cagliari, and Padua, Italy

~ Partner 4 Value: UNDP (Lithuania)