„Cross-Border Enterprises“

A conference to be organised by the European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME, BVMW and the Ludwig von Mises Institute Europe

Date: February 21, 2019

Time: 4.30 pm -7.00 pm

Venue: Hotel Metropole, Salle Rubinstein, De Brouckèreplein 31 1000 Brussels

Thank you for making “Banking and Monetary Policy from the Perspective of Austrian Economics” conference at the European Parliament a great event.

We would like to share with you our success with some of the photos shooted during the Presentation of our latest publication.

We would like to acknowledge Caméraman Guido Welkenhuysen and the photographers of the European Union  Data: Reference EP-079348A Photographer Dominique HOMMEL Copyright© European Union 2018 – Source : EP Usage terms Identification of origin mandatory

Your invitation to the European Parliament

YOUR INVITATION FOR THE CONFERENCE IN THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT – Deadline for applications: 15th of November. click here to download

The conference and presentation of “Banking and Monetary Policy from the Perspective of Austrian Economics”  will take place on November 22, in the European Parliament, Altiero Spinelli from 10.30-12.30. This is an event hosted by Amjad Bashir MEP.

Please note, that in case you do not have a badge, you will have to send the date of birth, residence, and ID or Passport nr. to the assistant of LVMI Europe.  A copy of the passport is also sufficient.

Important: you will be welcomed in the European Parliament by the staff of the hosting MEP and not by the staff of the Ludwig von Mises Institute Europe. That is mandatory in the European Parliament.

We are waiting for you!