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General Assembly 30 June 2021 5.30 pm

The Ludwig von Mises Institute organize its General Assembly on 30th June 5.30 pm

Last Article of Brendan Brown

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LVMI-Europe Leaflet 2021

Click LVMI-Europe Leaflet 2021 to access our updated Leaflet with information about the organization including our mission, our board members, an overview of our events, our network, and membership information.

Why Sound Money Is “Green” and Central Banks Aren’t

Although many central bankers have claimed the central banks are instrumental in ushering in a more green economy, a closer look suggests central banks are anything but “green.” In fact, a sound money economy might be a much more effective tool in improving the physical environment.

Dr Brendan Brown : “Biden Will Be Just As Tough as Trump On China”

Expect the Biden administration to be just as tough on China as Trump, says Brendan Brown, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and founder of Macro Hedge Advisors. He also tells Daybreak Europe’s Caroline Hepker and Roger Hearing that the next global crisis could start with the problem of company indebtedness in China To listen…
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Article: Fed reinforces its bad money regime as double recession looms

Dr. Brendan Brown, founding co-partner of Macro Hedge Advisors, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, and member of the Ludwig von Mises Institute Europe Editorial Board, recently sat down for a Q&A moderated by Stephen Martus CFA, the other founding partner of Macro Hedge Advisors. The long-term US fixed-rate market is now broken, dysfunctional and…
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Annual Report 2019

The Ludwig von Mises Institute Europe published its annual report for the year 2019. To read the Annual Report click here: Annual Report-2019