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The Ludwig Von Mises Institute Europe publishes a monthly newsletter, concerning current events of the European Union and Brussels. You can sign up for free to get a short version of the newsletter.
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  • The Ludwig von Mises Institute - Europe is a non-profit organization, aiming at a competent, competitive and creative Europe. We exist solely by the contributions from people who share our ideals and recognize the value of our mission. If you are interested in contributing with a donation to the Institute, please, visit our donations section in our webpage, at "JOIN US". We need your support!
Our Goal
  • The Ludwig von Mises Institute Europe aims at creating a
    • competent,
    • competitive,
    • creative Europe.
  • Power of freedom by one of our Patrons, Mart Laar

    Europe has steadily moved towards freedom and liberties during the last centuries. This has not of course been an easy road – it has been full of conflicts and wars, disaster and challenges. Sometimes people have had to go through totalitarian regimes to understand how valuable freedom is. After WWII when ideas of state planning and control developed in European totalitarian states, the ideas of Hayek, Mises and Erhard rose. The people of the former totalitarian countries knew how valuable freedom was and that at the end only this works. These ideas changed Europe and made Europe what it is today. Now Europe is facing challenges again. While Western Europe, or parts of it, look stagnated sometimes, the former communist countries are representing more liberties and more freedom. They have lived in totalitarianism and know how bad that is. This is why they know how valuable freedom is and through this they can give new energy to all Europe. So let us make all Europe strong again through the LVMI-Europe!

  • Message from one of our Patrons, Frits Bolkenstein

    The Dutch have always fought for their freedom and independence from tyrannical  and centralizing governments.The Ludwig von Mises Institute-Europe aims exactly to achieve these aims at the  European level.Let us support LVMI Europe.

    Frits Bolkenstein, Former European Commissioner for Internal Market and former Dutch Minister of Defense and Minister for Foreign Trade

Upcoming Events

17:30 - 20:00
LVMI - Europe General Assembly
We are pleased to invite our members to the General Assembly of Ludwig von Mises Institute that will take place on May 8th, 2014 from 17:30 to 20:00. The venue for the Assembly is La Madonna restaurant, place Jourdan 20, 1040 Bruxelles.
Venue: 20, Place Jourdan, 1040 Bruxelles
Organised by: Ludwig von Mises Institute – Europe