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News and Upcoming Events

Our next event will take place on November 4th at the Hotel Léopold in Brussels, where you are welcome to attend a Dinner Debate with Mr. Emiliano Tornese – an official of the Financial Institutions Division of the European Commission, where he is in charge

Representatives of the Austrian School of Economics

Israel Kirzner Among Favorites for Nobel Prize

Austrian economist Israel Kirzner, who was placed among the favorites to win the Nobel prize in economics by Thomson Reuters  (Nobel laureates predictions) made a very interesting speech at the Mercatus center in George Mason University on F. A. Hayek’s Nobel address in 1974 and


What is a capitalistic society?

By Heiko de Boer
Keynes believed a capitalistic structure does not work. He believed that savers and investors are two separate groups, not finding each other easily. The classical economists also distinguished between the separate classes workers, rentiers and land owners. Laborers earn wage, owners


Mises on Secession

By Jure Otorepec
With Scotland’s independence vote taking place tomorrow, there’s a lot of talk about the pros and cons of secession. However, whereas the pros and cons of the secession of a particular country like Scotland are debatable, there is no doubt about the

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Economic Growth: What do they mean?

By Heiko de Boer
When economists talk about the economy, it sounds like an abstract thing. Apparently, these days, there is a lack of demand in our economy.  What does a lack of demand mean? In the end, the economy consists of people.  What do

Road SIgn

Uber Fights German Government

Jure Otorepec
Recently Germany banned the ride-sharing service Uber from operating in Germany. That is hard to justify as the service is entirely voluntary, people offering rides for other people. The only justification is to protect the taxi industry. Therefore, the German courts


The Quality of our Money

By Heiko de Boer

The ECB is currently stimulating the economy. Their motivation is a possible deflation scenario.  Related to this scenario is the risk of an economic downturn.  However, the ECB always and at all times aims to stimulate the economy,


Mises’s student Reisman destroys Pikkety

Author: Jure Otorepec
Thomas Pikkety’s book Capital in the 21st century has been all the rage this year when it comes to books on economics. Now George Reisman, one of the few people who received his PhD under the mentorship of Ludwig von Mises, has