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On March 31st The Ludwig Von Mises Institute – Europe and YES (European confederation of Young Entrepreneurs) are organizing a conference on the topic of “The role of the Entrepreneur in the 21st century”.


Help the people of Ukraine-L’viv keep warm!

The Ludwig von Mises Institute has a strong connection with the country of Ukraine as well as the citizens of Ukraine.  Our founding name comes from Ludwig von Mises, an Economist from the city of Lviv in Ukraine.  Von Mises,  stood for the principles the

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“The line between legally and democratically allowed striking and the extreme power executed by German (The Lufthansa is going to strike for the 9th time this year) and Belgian striking trade- unions is difficult to draw and difficult to accept.
Equality in arms, a similar, equal


Patent Privateering – Patents as Weapons

By Thibault Schrepel, LL.M.
In the late 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I of England commissioned Francis Drake to sail for America. The Queen asked him to plunder Spanish vessels on its way there. Francis Drake became a pirate commissioned by the crown. This type

Representatives of the Austrian School of Economics

Israel Kirzner Among Favorites for Nobel Prize

Austrian economist Israel Kirzner, who was placed among the favorites to win the Nobel prize in economics by Thomson Reuters  (Nobel laureates predictions) made a very interesting speech at the Mercatus center in George Mason University on F. A. Hayek’s Nobel address in 1974 and


What is a capitalistic society?

By Heiko de Boer
Keynes believed a capitalistic structure does not work. He believed that savers and investors are two separate groups, not finding each other easily. The classical economists also distinguished between the separate classes workers, rentiers and land owners. Laborers earn wage, owners


Mises on Secession

By Jure Otorepec
With Scotland’s independence vote taking place tomorrow, there’s a lot of talk about the pros and cons of secession. However, whereas the pros and cons of the secession of a particular country like Scotland are debatable, there is no doubt about the