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In times like this where freedom is threatened everywhere, it is important to support an institute that aims to promote freedom, however limited by law and the rights of other people.

Time has come for liberty to prevail. 

Thanks to our supporters and donors during the last years the Institute managed to survive. Last year we could celebrate the 20-years existence of the institute!

To continue this work  we need you now more than ever. The Ludwig von Mises Institute – Europe needs to operate more efficiently – that means more visibility, more conferences, more debates, more publications, all in the quest to promote free market ideas and individual liberty.

In liberty,
Annette Godart-van der Kroon
President of the Ludwig von Mises Institute Europe 

With a donation of:

  • 75 € – you will receive the book “Better Regulation”
  • 100€ – membership for one year
  • More than 100€ – a free dinner debate
  • More than 150€ – a book of LVMI: “Banking and monetary policy” or “The Austrian School of Economics in the 21st century”.

Your donation will advance your principles—free enterprise, individual freedom, education and progress.

Before making the donation you must send an email to with the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Company/Organization
  • Donation amount

The donation shoud be made by transfer to the following account:

  • Account number: 363-0016216-57
  • IBAN number: BE09 3630 0162 1657
  • Beneficiary: C/o Ludwing von Mises Institute – Europe
  • Bank: ING Naamsesteenweg 121, Leuven 3001, Belgium

How to Donate to us:

We have a PayPal to make donating easier. You can access it HERE