Rue d'Arlon 20, 1050, Brussels

Free Market Road Show 2020: Disruptive Innovation

Free Market Road Show 2020: Disruptive Innovation

Brussels is one of this year’s Free Market Road Show (FMRS) cities where a conference on Disruptive Innovation will take place at the European Parliament on the 6th of May.

Disruptive Innovation, one of FMRS’s main themes in 2020, is a technology-driven growth similar to what occurred in history between 1890 and 1970. Two related issues that often come up are that of intellectual bankruptcy and the increasing reticence to take risks; the FMRS is devoted to challenging such problems.

As quoted from the FMRS website,

Innovation is what allows us to  progress and prosper. Disruption presents opportunities that we can turn to our advantage should we so choose. Societal and environmental problems can be addressed through disruptive innovation. Variations in different sectors, and how specific areas (cities/regions/etc.) can better foster disruptive innovation and turn it to their advantage.

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