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The European Union and Peace in the South Caucasus

By: Robert M. Cutler The EU has done a good deal so far to promote a peace settlement between Armenia and Azerbaijan. It has revised its Eastern Partnership policy so that the two countries are treated more equally, rather than favouring Armenia as it has done in the past. Under the good office of Charles…
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Newsletter Autumn 2021 Edition


September 27, 2021: Get together for the members of LVMI

The promised “get together” took place last Monday, September 27th at Holland House.

Get together on the 27th of September

To read the information about the Get together click here or send us an email. Everybody is welcome!

Annual Report 2020

The Ludwig von Mises Institute Europe published its Annual Report for the year 2020. To read the Annual Report click here: Annual Report 2020

General Assembly 30 June 2021 5.30 pm

The Ludwig von Mises Institute organize its General Assembly on 30th June 5.30 pm

LVMI-Europe Leaflet 2021

Click LVMI-Europe Leaflet 2021 to access our updated Leaflet with information about the organization including our mission, our board members, an overview of our events, our network, and membership information.