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Month: December 2019

January 20, 2020: Artificial Intelligence, Future Economics and Emerging Technologies Conference

Guest speakers: Annette Godart-van der Kroon, President of LVMI-Europe Professor Maria Carvalho, MEP for EPP-ED Group (also host of this event) Max Rangeley, Editor and Manager of the Cobden Centre Julio Alejandro, VC in Disruptive Tech, University Lecturer Moderator: Dimitar Lilkov, Research Officer at Martens Centre The world is in the process of being transformed…
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November 2019 – The superior returns from monetary pessimism 2002-2020

The powerful climb of the S&P 500 since the business cycle trough of 2009 and the last growth cycle trough of 2015/16, together with absence of recession, has made many investors resistant to pessimism. Yet monetary pessimism, correctly formulated, has in fact been the basis of far superior returns measured over standardized time periods (similar stages…
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