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Exchange, Participate, Network

LVMI-Europe’s Individual Membership Program offers journalists, executives, politicians, civil servants and other individuals the opportunity to stay informed and learn about European and international politics and economics from a liberal, yet non-partisan point of view.


Stay updated ~As private member, you will receive LVMI-Europe’s extended monthly newsletter informing you about all relevant events. Our newsletter covers the latest events organized by the institute, announces future events, comprises exciting articles and summarizes the most interesting conferences in Brussels. LVMI-Europe will be your window to European and international politics and economics and will provide you access to independent and liberal studies, opinions and publications.

Be in the right place at the right time As individual member, you will also be invited to all LVMI-Europe events. Since its founding, the institute has successfully organised a variety of conferences, dinner and lunch debates. These events provide an opportunity to share your opinions, learn more about contemporary issues, gain access to the European Parliament, and to connect with a highly prestigious international network. Moreover, the institute collaborates with a wide range of think-tanks and organisations, giving you a wider opportunity to network and contact institutes and persons relevant to your specific interests.

Stay connected through a dynamic interface The institute’s staff is composed of young political analysts and economists. They are always open and willing to provide members with additional information regarding our research programmes and to receive feedback. As individual member, you will have access to LVMI-Europe staff, who will update you on your topics of interest and always appreciate your proposals for future LVMI-Europe research.

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP (75 €/year) INCLUDESIndividual Registration Form

Students pay only 10 €/year
Alumni pay 40 €/year for first two years
Individual 75€/year


  • Getting a unique chance to express your voice in Europe;
  • Regular invitations to the LVMI-Europe symposia, conferences and dinner debates;
  • Free access to regular LVMI conferences;
  • LVMI-Europe’s monthly newsletter;
  • Free access to LVMI-Europe research papers, articles  publications;
  • Regular information on important events in Brussels;
  • Contact  our staff to provide you with information on the topics of your interests;
  • In case an entrance fee is asked for a dinner debate, the cost will be deducted from the membership fee.

Bronze 2500€/year
Silver 5000€/year
Gold 7500€/year

Bronze Membership (2500€/year)

  • Regular invitations to our dinner and lunch debates, symposia and conferences which provide excellent networking opportunities, notably with senior decision-makers, commissioners  MEPs;
  • Free copies of newsletters, updates, publications and event reports;
  • Free access to the Institute’s library;
  • Recognition of your support in our annual report;
  • Free participation in our conferences, dinners and lunch debates in the European Parliament.
Silver Membership (5000€/year)

  • All benefits of Bronze corporate membership +
  • Free participation in our events and entitlement to invite a complimentary company designate, partner or customer, to attend the LVMI-Europe events free of charge;
  • Possibility to suggest research topics and the organization of events adapted to the interests and needs of your company;
  • Your company’s Logo on the LVMI-Europe event invitations;
  • Your Logo on the LVMI-Europe homepage with a hot link to your company’s homepage.
Gold Membership (7500€/year)

  • All benefits of Silver corporate membership +
  • Your banner at the LVMI-Europe events;
  • Private briefings available to Corporate Management by the President of LVMI-Europe;
  • Organization of conferences and research projects adapted to the needs and interests of your company in order to help you promote your strategic objectives;
  • Right to vote on the Institute’s policy, choice of research topics, members of the board.
Bank account details:Account number: 363-0016216-57

IBAN number: BE09 3630 0162 1657


Beneficiary: c/o Ludwig von Mises   Institute-Europe

Bank: ING Naamsesteenweg 121