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Research Projects

The Research Project

“A critical approach to the present financial policy”

1. Purpose
To research whether the present monetary system can continue to exist in its current form and evaluate whether and how it could be changed. The goal is to influence and change the financial policy as it is functioning today, replacing the instability in the economy, with its booms and busts, with sound economic strategy and alternative economic solutions.
2. The Reason for This Research
This research project will study issues surrounding sound public financial policy and the proper functioning of market economies and formulate informed policy recommendations with an emphasis on sustainability. In order to facilitate this, special attention will be paid to the events of late 2021 which were caused by unprecedented monetary policies by central banks in the West instituting negative interest
rates, coupled with out of the ordinary public support for social aid and the challenges facing economies due to the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change, as well as the surge in transitory or structural inflation, including the consequences of the war in Ukraine and the impact of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance). Through this case study those in the financial world, policy makers, bankers, politicians, journalists, and banking experts will be informed about the disastrously consequences of current financial policy.
3. Tools
The tools used for this research project include: strategy conferences, courses for students, publications, newspaper articles, book, magazine, small booklets. Working groups (a Steering Committee) will be composed, assisted by Banking experts and/or Hedge Fund managers and politicians. In measuring the results, it is important to provide objective evidence of progress towards achieving a desired result and strike a balance between the leading and lagging indicators.