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About Us


The Ludwig von Mises Institute-Europe was established on 12th October, 2001 as a non-partisan think-tank fostering an open and free society. It bears the name of Ludwig von-Mises, one of the most prominent libertarian economists of the whole XX century, and one of the main representatives of the Austrian School.

The Ludwig von Mises Institute-Europe primarily aims to:

– Exchanging and promoting the principal ideas and merits of Classical Liberalism with a particular focus on the ideas of the Austrian School

– Discovering creative solutions to promote a competent, competitive and creative Europe, and a decentralized EU with less harmonization, free from useless bureaucracy.

– Bridging the gap between “Brussels” and the European citizens and between Eurocrats and Eurosceptics

– Acting as an interface between top academics, senior business leaders; respected media commentators, and leading politicians across the EU and in Brussels

– Teaching young professionals and students from all over the world to learn about the workings of the European Institutions

– Connecting world-wide liberals and organizations at national and international levels


Since its foundation, the Ludwig von Mises Institute-Europe has successfully organized a variety of conferences, symposia, discussions, targeted lunch and dinner debates, discussing such diverse topics as: The role of the European Central Bank; the Euro as a global reserve currency, Knowledge & Innovation; Transatlantic Relations; Tax Competition; Brexit & Trump; Islam & the EU; and Artificial Intelligence.

The Ludwig Von Mises Institute-Europe is dedicated to bridging the gap between believers in the free market across artificial boundaries that often divide academic, business, and political circles. Members include former Prime Ministers, MEPs, former commissioners, key politicians, senior academics, business leaders and prominent journalists. We also collaborate with numerous other organisations and companies. For a comprehensive list of people and organisations we have worked with, please see our  LVMI booklet.

We also offer internship opportunities to individuals who seek to learn more about Austrian economics and European affairs, and who wish to become part of a wide network of individuals and organisations who share our values. Moreover, our new Alumni Network hopes to bring together former interns with whom we keep in contact.

Our Intern Exchange Programme also aims to provide interns with the opportunity to undertake an internship at the LVMI-Europe in Belgium whilst being sponsored by their companies.

Ludwig Von Mises Institute-Europe has as the sole objective of creating prosperity for every individual, while initiating new and unaccustomed ways of analysis and debate in order to ensure Europe’s future prosperity and security in the global village.